The Mindset to Thrive Summit Bonus Weekend!

I am Roy Varner, Transformation Coach - and host of the Mindset to Thrive Summit.

A Warm Welcome to our Mindset to Thrive Bonus Weekend!

From this Saturday 8am EDT to Sunday midnight EDT you can access all 30 speaker interviews ... giving you the chance to learn the habits and thinking behind the success of some truly amazing people. 

Make time to go through the links below, and...

- Uncover the limiting assumptions and habits that are holding you back

- Discover a painless way to trade what doesn't work with what does

- Find balance, happiness and success in your life

If you have any questions about anything - please email me

Kind Regards,

Roy Varner

Transformational Coach

Learning Specialist, Author,

Toni Rebic

Founder, TrueSelf Psychology

Alignment and Conscious Awakening

Rachel Miller

Grow Your Audience

Moolah Marketing, Author, Business Builder

Sonia Dumas

PayDay Conversation Coach

B.A.N.K Personality Analysis Specialist

Dina Marais

Business / Mindset Coach

Author, NLP, Neuro-Semantics, Quantum Physics

Duncan Goheen

Mental / Spiritual Health

Human Behavior, Sleep, Anxiety, Stress

DAY TWO:  Tuesday, May 4

Chandler Walker

Compassion Conversations

High-Ticket Marketing

Ronda Nelson

Clinical Health Coach

for Alternative Healthcare Practitioners

Tamara Nall

Pres/CEO The Leading Niche

50 Fastest Growing US Companies, Harvard MBA

Renae Gregoire

Content That Converts

Blog Specialist, Thought Leadership Writing

Chris Salem

Exec Coach, Life/Biz Strategist

Radio Show Host, International Best-Selling Author

Mark Gai

Coach, TEDx, Speech Champ

Toastmasters International, Podcaster

DAY THREE:  Wednesday, May 5

Ricardo Teixeira

International Digital Marketing

Largest in Portugal, Software Developer

Reza Pakravan

Explorer / TV Producer

Two World Records in Extreme Adventure,
Author, Adventure Television

Walt Hampton

Founder/CEO, Summit Success

Ultramarathoner, Summiteer, Leadership Coach

Catherine Kontos

Coach, Author, Speaker

Leadership, Retreats, Podcasts, Philanthropist

Dom Ricci

LeoWolf Fitness

Managed Nutrition & Fitness

Chris Dorris

Mental Toughness Coach

for NHL, PGA, Super-Bowl Champs

DAY FOUR:  Thursday, May 6

Kim Albee

Integrated Technology Systems /

Rick Ruppenthal

4 Hats Coaching

Mentor for Canadian Paramedics, Men’s Health

Merri-Jo Hillaker

Choose the Genuine You

International Author, Global Mindset Mastery

Ebiere Koroye

Transformation Coach, Nigeria

Nurture and Nourish to Flourish

Ray Brehm

Best Sellers / Summits

USA Today & Multiple Best Seller

Toks Oyegunle

Privacy & Security Advisor

Harvard Bus School, Tech Training for Africa

DAY FIVE:  Friday, May 7

J V Crum III

Conscious Millionaire / Limitless Mindset

International Podcaster & Influencer

Don Crowther

Online Marketing Coach

High-Ticket Marketing, Speaker, Content Creator

David H. Lawrence XVII

Actor, Storytelling Coach

“Hero” Award-Winning TV Series, Voice-Overs

Pam Carpenter

Recurring Revenue Consultant

Membership Coach

Phil Gilkes

The Business Renovator

Show Host / Marketing & Sales

Gary Salyer

“Safe to Love Again”

Transformational Relationship Mentor